Finance & Accounting


Our team members are finance and accounting professionals with deep knowledge in the areas such as, Accounting and Reporting, Planning, Strategy and Risk, Tax Compliance and Planning, Capital Formation, Payroll, HR and Benefits; and Cash Flow Management

Whether you are a small business owner or a middle-market company founder or executive, you wear many hats and your top priorities are not dealing with all of the above matters. However, ignoring them outright is a receipt for failure. We help you with basic bookkeeping, more comprehensive projections and planning, tax filings; and investment support. 

We developed solutions for different stages that your company goes through. Together we can leap from a small start-up with no revenue through the early stage state of $500,000+ in revenue to the growth stage of $10,000,000. We offer custom-tailored products for the different stages, since the needs are obviously different.


Accounting and Taxes (from $150 per month, up to 10 transactions and from $500 per project)

Financial data compilation, preparation of Financial Statements

Analysis of tax liability


Financial Projection and Product Analysis (from $1,000 per project)


Do you make or lose money?


We identify funding gaps and project profit or loss

Product analysis to identify long-term savings from various operations, manufacturing techniques or use of different materials


STARTUP STAGE  ($0 to $50,000 revenue)


Bookkeeping (from $250 per month, up to 50 transactions and from $500 per project)


Detailed budget preparation

Business plan review and drafting


Taxes (from $500 per project)


Investment Support (detailed financial models, historical financial statements, pitch deck support and presentation)


STARTUP STAGE ($50,000 to $500,000 plus revenue)


Accounting and reporting (from $500 per month)


Monthly bookkeeping

Monthly prepared financial reports

Monthly management review meetings


Tax support (from $500 per project)


Delinquent tax filings and mediation with authorities

Quarterly return preparation and filing

Annual return preparation and filing

Budget and Projections analysis

Financial advisory meetings


Payroll, HR and Benefits (from $100 per project)


Recurring payroll processing

Benefits plan management

HR best practices


GROWTH STAGE (from $500,000 plus revenue)


Accounting and reporting (from $1,000 per month and from $2,500 per project)


Monthly bookkeeping, accounting and reporting

Technical accounting analysis

Monthly financial report preparation

Monthly management review meetings


Taxes (from $800 per project)


Quarterly return preparation and filing

Annual return preparation and filing

State and local tax return preparation, review and analysis

Debt capital (lender identification, application preparation, negotiation support, ongoing credit facility management)


Payroll, HR and Benefits (from $500 per project)


Recurring payroll management, including appropriate reporting and filings

Benefits plan management

Incentive planning and effective equity budgeting

Proper hiring and firing policies


Equity capital (from $1,000 per project)


Financial modeling

Future projections

Pitch deck support/generation

Pitch event support/presentation

Ongoing investor management


Cash management (from $250 per project)


Cash flow statement preparation

Burn rate analysis and sensitivity testing

A/R and A/P management

Factoring or short term A/R loans